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kyu is an imaging brand based in Japan.

With the invention of the camera, human beings have extended the means to keep records of their lives. We believe that such a means is essential for us to lead fruitful lives on Earth.

Two hundred years after its invention, the act of record-keeping has become commonplace with the popularization of cameras and the spread of smartphones. 

Meanwhile, camera equipment has become commoditized, and overflown photos in our smartphones are far from being well-sorted. 

Amid a time of rich resources mingled with challenges, we are committed to fulfilling our mission, “to reinvent the means of keeping records.”

As of this time in 2022, we engage in developing camera accessories that fully optimize the value of your camera with its simplicity and beauty.

The story of kyu has just begun. It is our development team and community members with shared visions and values who are the ones to create it.

- the kyu team